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Invisible Crumbs  

Invisible Crumbs
Speak to me.
I’m far too old to be serious.
A Truth
The waves come to nothing.
Tides are everything.
The true musician plays the ear.
No Side
The hat she hides behind is the hat she hides behind.
Of A Certain Age
Their clothes are young and beautiful.
Hiaku Butterfly
Fetching green.
 Camouflage blown
by yellow antennae.
Moderate self-hate.
Holy Smoke
Always sure fire.
Necessity knows no law
Which is why the law is necessary.
Delectable legs.
Forced joie de vivre.
Punish the language.
Zen Koan
Come what may, and may will come.
Next Life
My savings are my salvation.
Underwear is very.
Useful Service Station
Nail Drive-in.
On Song
On a clear day you can see
for yourself.
Hailstones on a Hothouse
Like coins clinking in a Chinese brothel.
May Oblong. 
Stain glass windows were the classic comics of their time.
The Reformation
Provident burgers opted for a cheaper religion.
Lady Mary W Montagu’s Last words
It’s all been very interesting (repeated).
Omnia tuus mecum porto
All that’s yours I carry with me