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The Nicotine Cat and Other People
The Duras Press / New Island Books. ISBN 9781848400412. 2009
A scrupulously truthful and wildly imaginative memoir. Augustus Young darts through memories of his childhood in Cork, his career as a medical scientist in London and the life he now leads in a curious town on the French-Spanish border.

Rosemaries. A Verse Sequence

Labyrinth Press. ISBN 9871872468822. 2009
A revised version of the much acclaimed limited edition first published by Advent Books in 1976. Designed by Sandra Hill of Monkey Press  and finely produced on high quality paper.

Diversifications: Brecht, Mayakovsky and Me
Shearsman Books. ISBN 9781848610446. 2009
Includes a reworking of Mayakovsky’s ‘A Cloud in Pants’, adaptations of Brecht’s work related poems, and ‘The Long Habit of Living’, a sequence influenced by both poets, where Young confronts his own mortality.

The Secret Gloss. A Film Play on the Life and Work of Soren Kierkegaard
Elliott & Thompson. ISBN 9781904027676. 2009
A highly original discourse on the life and ideas of one of the world's greatest thinkers, The Secret Gloss perfectly captures both the tragic and comic aspects of the man, whose life was considered merely eccentric in his own time and whose reputation would not be properly re-considered until many years after his death.

Take Five 07. Translations
Shoestring Press. ISBN 9781904885665. 2007
Includes a substantial number of adaptations by Young from Bertolt Brecht, Gérard de Nerval, Tristan Corbière, Charles Baudelaire.

Elliott & Thompson. ISBN 1904027377. 2005
Augustus Young returns to Ireland to launch his previous book, Light Years. Humorously satirical, entertaining, but also acutely reflective about a culture in transition and the possibilities of its survival.

Light Years 
London Magazine Editions / The Menard Press. ISBN 0904388913. 2002
Augustus Young arrives in London from Ireland and introduces us to his vision of ‘Living in England’ in 1967. The action then moves to 1969, with Augustus now leading ‘The Bohemian Life’ from his bedsit in Notting Hill. The final section, ‘Requiescat in Pace’, returns to Ireland. A diversity of styles and idioms is used to re-enact the author’s own literary development.

Days & Nights in Hendon
The Menard Press. ISBN 1874320373. 2002
Fourteen elegies written in the last months of a five-year sojourn in the High Down (Heandun), celebrating the unexpected pastoral laziness of the life of its people, despite the urban sprawl.

Lightning in Low Places
Cranagh Press, University of Ulster, Coleraine. ISBN 0953727025. 2000
Thirteen poems based around the author’s family, childhood and his memories about them.

Lampion and His Bandits. Literature of the Cordel in Brazil
The Menard Press. ISBN 1874320039. 1994
An introduction to the world of the traditional bandits of the Brazilian Northeast, and to the ballad singers and the public which has kept their memory alive. Includes English versions of these compositions, notably ‘Lampion in Hell’, together with original poems by Augustus Young about the Northeast and a quasi-cordel on Brian Coffey.

ABC da Inflacäo / ABC of Inflation
José Neves da Silva. Translated by Augustus Young
The Honest Ulsterman Publications. ISBN 187085005. 1991
Translation of a potent political cordel, the popular street poetry of the Brazilian Northeast, commenting on the burdens of the life of the poor.

Hardpressed Poetry. Limited edition. 1989
Versions of five poems by Brecht and an extract from Augustus Young’s adaptation of Mayakovsky’s ‘Interlude’.

The Credit. Book Two / Book Three
Drawings by John Parsons
Advent Books /The Menard Press. ISBN 0903400952. 1986
Continuation of The Credit (see below). Deals with the other side of Hugo’s story, starting with his early death, and charts his return to life, a resurrection though the underworld.

The Credit. A Comedy of Empeiria
The Menard Press. ISBN 0903400537. 1980
A discursive poem about Hugo’s search for success in life, with dubious outcomes, but the overt storyline is indeed a sub-plot to the main narrative of ideas. The verse is syllabically based ottava rima.

Dánta Grádha. Love Poems from the Irish (AD 1350-1750)
Second edition
The Menard Press / Advent Books. ISBN 0903400529. 1980
This second edition contains an extra poem-version, among other additions and changes.

Tapestry of Animals
Illustrations by Brenda Rudolf
The Menard Press. ISBN 0903400316. 1977
A bestiary for mature children and well-tempered adults.

Rosemaries. A Verse Sequence
Advent Books. Limited edition. 1976
Divided into four sections, these verses draw on the author’s memories of childhood and younger days in Ireland.

Dánta Grádha. Love Poems from the Irish (AD 1350-1750)
Calligraphy by Dennis Hadfield
The Menard Press / Advent Books. ISBN 0903400022. 1975
Versions of eighteen poems from An Anthology of Irish Love Poetry, collected and edited by TF O’Rahilly, 1926. Here Young imitates the metrical effects of the originals, using an irregular syntax which brings out the scholastic sting in the lyrical tail, clarifying textual obscurities.

On Loaning Hill
New Writers’ Press. Limited edition. 1972
Augustus Young’s first extended collection of nearly one hundred poems.

New Writers’ Press. Limited edition. 1969
Augustus Young’s first collection, comprising fourteen poems, already manifesting his departure from the 'reach for the shovel' tendancy in contemporary Irish poetry.

Some of the titles no longer available from the publishers can be found on Amazon.