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The Menard Press
The Menard Press specialises in literary translation, mainly of poetry. In addition to its literary texts - original and translated poetry, original and translated fiction, art and literary criticism - the press has published essays on the nuclear issue and testimonies by survivors of Nazism.

Ars Interpres
This international journal of poetry, translation and art publishes primarily contemporary English language poetry, English translation of modern Scandinavian and European poetry, as well as articles on poetic translation and other related materials. 

Elliott & Thompsom
Elliott & Thompson publish within a finely chosen area of writing, once classified by the more traditional bookshops as ‘belles-lettres’. Our list includes works in the areas of fiction, memoir, biography, history, art, politics and travel.

The Green Door
An international arts magazine frequently though irregularly produced from its base in Flanders. In each number the material is presented in the manner it dictates, with the editors acting in the role of facilitators rather than directors. 'We are what we each are and seek to be nothing other than that.'

Cross-Cultural Poetics
On Cross-Cultural Poetics poet Leonard Schwartz interviews poets and writers from all over the world on their art and their language. These conversations also include readings from the poets’ work, in both the original and translation.

Ian D Scott
Born in Scotland and trained in Edinburgh, Scott has lived in Catalonia for thirty years, working as an artist and engraver. As the creator of ‘éclatisme’, he draws both on his native traditions and the local landscape. He exhibits regularly in the UK under the auspices of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society, as well as in France.

Nichol Wheatley
Perfect Circle Art is a small team of artists organised in a classically structured studio. By having a team of talented artists who are trained in a wide variety of skills and techniques, we are able to provide whatever type of art work that you are looking for.

Brian Lynch
Poet, playwright, screenwriter, art critic and novelist. Recent publications include The Winner of Sorrow, a novel about the poet William Cowper (1731-1800), and Pity for the Wicked, a book-length poem about Northern Ireland, with a preface by Conor Cruise O’Brien.

Shoestring Press
Publisher specialising in sequences as well as collections by (usually) established but unfashionable poets or poets whom we are introducing to British readers for the first time, even though they may be well known elsewhere.

Shearsman Books
Shearsman Books has published over a hundred and fifty volumes, mostly poetry, and publishes approximately thirty more each year. E-books are also available for free download, including recent titles.

Huib Fens
‘In the beginning of the nineties, my work was merely inspired on landscapes. Now architecture has become a central theme: brought up in an area at the border of a city, surrounded by a number of large industries, I became aware of the influence those huge, massive, hermetic buildings have had on my attitude towards architecture, my sense of dimensions and my ideas about urban space and citybuilding…’

Stand is a quarterly literary magazine aimed at those specifically interested in new books, literature and creative writing. Stand's aim is to publicise the best in new and established creative writing, and to introduce it to the widest possible readership. It also publishes creative prose writing and criticism.

hardPressed poetry
hardPressed poetry is a small press which publishes poetry that you won't often find in your local bookshop. Poets we publish and/or distribute work by include Brian Coffey, Randolph Healy, Trevor Joyce, David Lloyd, Tom Raworth, Maurice Scully, Geoffrey Squires and Augustus Young as well as ourselves, Catherine Walsh and Billy Mills.

David Caldwell
David Caldwell’s landscapes convey the magical quality of constantly differing light and its effects, reflecting the process of continual change as he takes us on a personal journey through Scotland, France, Russia and other countries. He has also won the Bulldog Bursary awarded by The Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Online review. Editorial committee: Claude Vigée, Michèle Duclos, Guy Braun, Anne Mounic.
'Dans Temporel, il sera possible non seulement de lire les poèmes, ou de lire des études sur les poètes, mais de les entendre, puisque la poésie, en tout premier lieu, est une voix, un rythme, une musique de l’intériorité.'
Recent contributors include Gilles-Marie Chenot, Paul Fenoult, Yvon Le Men, Gilles de Obaldia, Myriam Prevot, Patricia Proust-Labeyrie, David Schnee, Alan Sillitoe, Tim Robinson, Clive Sinclair, David Gascoyne, Kathleen Raine.

Golden Handcuffs Review
We offer, consistently, the most vital contemporary work, and we afford writers and artists space to respond to each others' work. Recent contributors include Gilbert Sorrentino, Paul Griffiths, Toby Olson, Mark Axelrod, Michael McClure, Michael Rothenberg, Pat Nolan, Paul Éluard, Jack Spicer, Thomas Meyer, Jonathan Williams.
Edited by Lou Rowan.

New Island
New Island is Ireland's leading publisher of groundbreaking work in literary fiction, poetry, drama, biography, politics and social affairs.

Carte Allineate
This online Italian language journal includes reviews, short narrative texts, poems and essays, discussion and graphics, on a wide range of subjects, with some work in English. Edited by Roberto Bertoni.

John Parsons
Worked with Advent Books and Trigram Press as typographer, designer, printer. Songwriter, stylist, artwork designer for the Fabulous Poodles. Wildlife painter and illustrator. Haiku, haibun, tanka poet, stone carver, garden designer. Furniture and painting restorer.

Peter Jacobs
Free-lance editor and literary facilitator