Stop Press: Trumpery

Les jeux sont faire, rien ne va plus


As with Brexit, the worst has happened. Courtesy of democracy, a victory for bad taste, bad thinking and the Trump Dollar (not Pence) ticket-to-rough-ride. I ask myself were people as stupid before I-pods, smart-phones and reality television? Yes, but they weren't as good at it. 


It’s most unfortunate that Hilary Clinton was the opponent. Compromised by past history as a two-faced Secretary of State, blatant money greed and, unlike her Billy boy,  with an unsympathetic  presence. If I was an American I would have voted for her  with clenched teeth. Sanders would probably have beaten Trump. He represented change of a constructive kind.    


Last night we had the United Hates of America on the saddle of a loose horse. This week the Stock Markets will do their Capitalist jig creating ‘uncertainty’. However, as the new-new world disorder settles it will regain ‘confidence’, making sure P.I.G.O. (Post Industrial Global Oligarchy) resumes its spiral. 


Alas, it's not only in shamelessly corrupt African states that ‘democrassy’ reigns. It isn’t that America with Trump and Britain with Brexit  have shown their true face, but that democracy in the age of plastic ‘reality’ has spoken for the crass. Not that its historical moment has come to make ignorance the norm. The clever clown riding rough-shod over a self-proclaimed shambles has happened before. Take a breath, and think of Nazi Germany. Indeed, Hitler's hatred of the Jews and gipsies echoes Trumps hatred of Muslims and Mexicans. However, unlike Hitler, his passionate intensity lacks any convictions other than working for the Yankee dollar. I don’t see another Holocaust. He’s more the chevalier Silvio Berlusconi redux. We're going to see more private scandals made public rather than US wars abroad. The war on terror abroad will revert to CIA subversion. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson will be seen kissing as the Middle-East and beyond bloodies on. The Republican Washington mafia will gradually assume control to manacle the hand on the nuclear button. 


George W Bush and Tony Blair’s reckless power-play in 2003 is a history than won’t be repeating itself, even as a farce. The emergence of Trump was a by-blow of that disaster. And he has counted its cost in dollars per American household. Moreover, Putin and Theresa May are former functionaries who, when power fell into their laps, walked rather than ran with it. Caution will ultimately win out with them. As it will with the bureaucrats of the European Union, and the generals of NATO. A balance of power can be expected. Le plus ca change que plus c’est le meme chose.


Ethnic cleansing and genocidal tendencies will be air-brushed under the carpet of local concern only. Limited wars of the terrorist strike kind will continue in the background. Emotional immunity to the horrors of civilian killings will develop, making them seem more like natural disasters than political ones. Isolationism will turn its back on the creeping califates, risking an enemy within which is a community rather than an army. That cannot be defeated as easily. ‘Christianity is dead. Long live Islam’ could be the future America has chosen for itself… But I’m jumping my own gun on a dark day. The sun will rise again tomorrow.

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